Get the most out of your Data

Datadeft is a boutique consulting firm, specialized in data engineering.

Data Strategy

Any effective data transformation starts with a clear vision of the value it aims to deliver. We help our clients designing a strategy to transform their organization.

  • Align on strategic priorities and implementation
  • Help with vendor selection
  • Create potential directions for future platforms

Data Engineering

An optimized data infrastructure is mission-critical for a data-driven organization. We assess the optimization potentials both within the current data stack and outside by evaluating alternative technology stacks and cloud migration.

  • Restructure architecture for better outcomes
  • Platform improvements, cloud migrations
  • Evaluation of alternative technology stacks

Data Operations

Data Ops is an emerging new way in data engineering that applies DevOps concepts to data management for enhanced analytics. We transform businesses to thrive on more streamlined processes that deliver the speed, efficiency, and quality data-driven companies require.

  • Assess current state of DataOps and form an improvement plan
  • Upskill existing teams working with data to enable automation
  • Build the required tools to support operations and boost performance

Our Awesome Team

We take pride in the people we work with. This is because we all collectively help each other become more awesome every day.

István Szukács

Managing Director

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Krisztina Szilvási

Engineering Team Lead

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Annamária Fekete

Software Developer

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